Gallery of Paintings
     "So much of art is an expression of the subconscious that it seems to me most of all the important qualities are put there unconsciously, and little of importance by conscious intellect."         Edward Hopper                                                                                  Surrealism is my passion.  I think there is nothing more powerful in our lives than our dreams.  
   Although these paintings are not representative of actual dreams they do come from the same source. The subconscious.                                  Mythology, fantasy and allegory are also strong influences...
"Elysian Dreams"   Oil on canvas  30"x 40"  2014
Myth & Fantasy series
"Black Gold"


            "Waiting (the redheaded girl) "   24"x36"            Oil on canvas        Myth & Fantasy series
 "Charon Crossing"       Oil on Canvas       24"x48"         2009
Myth & Fantasy series
 "Outside  Eden"        36"x 48"      Oil on Canvas          2009
Myth & Fantasy series
"Lost Conqistadors"      Oil on Canvas    36"x 48"     2008
Myth & Fantasy series
"Mysterious Journey"     Oil on Canvas     36"x 48"      1996
Myth & Fantasy series
"Spiritual Encounter on Information Highway"
36"x 48"
Oil on canvas     1995
Myth & Fantasy series
     "Haitian Zen"        Oil on Canvas           36"x 48" 
                          Myth & Fantasy series                          1984       

    "On the Beach"        Oil on Canvas           36"x 48"                                        1984
Myth & Fantasy series
       "Harbinger"           Oil on Canvas          12"x 24"                                        1994
 Myth & Fantasy series
 "Confrontation"   48"x 72"   Oil on canvas
From the African series
"The Last Amazon"      Oil on Canvas     36"x 48"       1990
 Myth & Fantasy series
"Black Gold"        Oil on Canvas, black enamel on gold leaf frame        18"x 24"        2010
An indictment of the BP oil spill.
"Icarus, homage to Michelangelo"   acrylic airbrush                                       48"x 30"     1977
Myth & Fantasy series
"San Pietro"      Oil on canvas       36"x 48"      1985   Portrait series
"Equinox"      Oil on Canvas     36"x 48"       1984
Myth & Fantasy series
"River of Tears"      Oil on Canvas    30"x 60"