Artist's Statement

"Edge of Night"      Oil on canvas     18"x 36" 

      I hope these paintings will take you to a place just outside your subconcious.  If the painting can make you stop for a second and wonder, then I will have succeeded in my efforts.
      No two people perceive the same painting in the same way wether it be abstract or figurative.  My commitment as an artist is to provoke the question of artistic intent, to give the viewer a mystery to ponder and in so doing possibly gain a deeper perspective into ones self.
       Even in the current series of paintings the 0bjective is to capture the magic and mystery of nature that surrounds and subliminally influences our everyday lives.
       To become a true "artist" one must endeavor to communicate with the viewer on a deeper level than something created solely to please the eye.  The artist should strive to elevate and enlighten. 
        My approach to creative expression, whatever the medium, has always been  unorthodox in that I have always resisted being pigeon-holed by a particular style, technique, subject matter or genre of art.  The singular consistency in my art is the commitment to working in series.  Once an idea is manifested in my mind I will repeat that idea over and over, letting the idea evolve until it may not even resemble the original concept or may lead to a totally new concept and a new series.  The evolving idea is never really resolved as long as the artist keeps an open mind.  The series may be abandoned but never concluded.
         Unfortunately the commercial success of any artist depends on his consistent identity with a particular style, technique, genre, or subject matter. Consistency in this respect can be a double edged sword in that it might bring commercial success but in so doing may enslave the artist to that particularity and squelch the artist's creativity.  Being true to oneself as an artist is a very lonely road.  A path that is ever under assault by the temptation of commercial success or the desire to please others.  I find the true reward in artistic expression to be in the effort itself.  Matisse said it:  "The artist's approach to painting should be analogous to prayer".

                                                                         J. E. Marmo