Wave Series

           I have always been drawn to the sea.  I have been a waterman my whole life and always enjoyed the comforts of the sea.  Surfing, windsurfing, diving, and sailing were activities I enjoyed growing up in South Florida.  Surfing took me on many adventures around the world and sailing became a means of making a living while raising a family.  I became intimate with the moods of the ocean and it's ever changing nature.  In the 1970's I started a series of paintings depicting waves as entities with their own particular personalities.  Series are open ended and can be returned to at different times in the artists life.  Here are a few current additions to this series.   I always seem to return to the sea.  Even in painting.                         
                (All work is oil on canvas unless otherwise noted)
"Mavericks"         18"x 36"
"Surf & Turf"           24"x 72" 
"Natural Mystic"         24"x 72"
"Gold Rush"        18"x 36"
"Green Dragon"        18"x 36"
"Spit"         18"x 36"
"Pitch"       15"x 30"
"Morning Glass"      15"x 30"
"Easter Morning"     Acrylic airbrush    24"x 36"
"Red Tide"               24" x 36"
#6 "O"series   18"x 24"