I hope these paintings will take you to a place just outside your dreams.  If the painting can make you stop and think, then I will have succeeded in my efforts.
      No two people perceive the same painting in the same way wether it be abstract or figurative.  My commitment as an artist is to give the viewer a mystery to ponder,  to provoke the question of artistic intent and in so doing possibly gain a deeper perspective into ones self.
       Even in the current series of landscape paintings the 0bjective is to capture the mystery in nature that surrounds and subliminally influences our everyday lives.
       To become a true "artist" one must endeavor to communicate with the viewer on a deeper level than something created solely to please the eye.  The artist should strive to elevate and enlighten. 

       "The mystery lies in the irrationality by which you make appearance - if it is not irrational, you make illustration."               
                                                                                                  Francis Bacon

        "On the Banks of the River of Time"         48"x48"       Oil on Canvas