Current Work:  Wave Series

           I have always been drawn to the sea.  I have been a waterman my whole life and always enjoyed the comforts of the sea.  Surfing, windsurfing, diving, and sailing were activities I enjoyed growing up in South Florida.  Surfing took me on many adventures around the world and sailing became a means of making a living while raising a family.  I became intimate with the moods of the ocean and it's ever changing nature.  In the 1970's I started a series of paintings depicting waves as entities with their own particular personalities.  Series are open ended and can be returned to at different times in the artists life.  Here are a few current additions to this series.   I always seem to return to the sea.  Even in painting.                         
                (All work is oil on canvas unless otherwise noted)
"Maverick"         16"x 36"
"Surf & Turf"           24"x 72" 
"Natural Mystic"         24"x 72"
"Gold Rush"        18"x 36"
"Green Dragon"        18"x 36"
"Spit"         18"x 36"
"Pitch"       15"x 30"
"Morning Glass"      15"x 30"
"Easter Morning"     Acrylic airbrush    24"x 36"